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student interviews


“Real English Victoria is the best language school I have ever studied in. Great teachers with “I believe in a future where the point of education is not to prepare you for another useless job, but for a life well lived” philosophy. Offering flexible skill building schedule, even online via Skype. Start learning now!  “

“I was really waiting for these type of ESL in Victoria!! We can study English ANYTIME we want! Flexible schedule, Reasonable price, Teachers are well experienced and friendly!! I think there’s no other school like REV!! If you become REV student, I bet you will be able to spend awesome life in Vic;)”

My name is Leona and I’m korean!
Now,I’m living in Victoria BC in order to study english and I’m taking a ESL class in REV. When I arrived in Victoria,I went to some ESL school for taking a trial. Honestly,I wanted to go to ESL school which has many international students! When I went to REV,however,I changed my mind. Even though I was new in REV,there was familiar for me. I could feel here is my destiny place to study english. Although I can’t meet a lot of friends,but thanks to my dicision,I met precious people who encourage me every day, so I’m satisfied my lovely REV! There are many kindness teachers,school helpers,students include me ;),and the most important about REV is that I feel happiness when I am with them! Seriously! They make me feel like studying hard and they always help me to improve english skills. I can’t help loving REVand I can’t explain every thing about REV. Just come to REV and take a trial class. Then,you could know that why I chose here! I hope REV also has a lot of international students XD. I will wait you .”

On a scale of 1-10, this ESL school is an 11.
Well experienced, knowledgeable, super frindly, hilarious and amazing staff.
I went all the schools in Victoria to perticipated in trial lessons. Other schools are also pretty good. But if you prefer small class to big class, then this school is the best for you. Also, a time table is flexible and there are lots of options of the classes. You can pick up classes about what you need to learn.

If you have any questions about this school, just call and ask them.
You’ll be able to learn Real English through the conversation on the phone.”

Amazing staff. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!”