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Theresa Leask


Theresa knew exactly what she wanted to do at the age of fifteen, and she is still doing it!  She loves learning about different teaching approaches as well as how language works, both of which she relies on in the classroom.

Theresa majored in Applied Linguistics from the University of Victoria. She also completed the Co-operative Education Program and spent three of her four work terms teaching abroad in Mexico and France. From 2012 to 2015, Theresa taught English to all ages at the YMCA in Taichung, Taiwan. She enjoyed being able to create and deliver her own lesson materials, and she is grateful to have had the experience of being a language-learner herself. One year after returning to her hometown, Theresa is very excited to take this next exciting step in her teaching career.

Theresa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a TESL Level 2 interim certificate.

Why did you join the Co-op?
I like the co-op values of co-operation and community. I’m excited about starting a school with a curriculum that addresses the real-world needs of learners.

Do you have a favourite teaching moment?
I love it when students ask intelligent questions which challenge me to learn more about my own language!”

What is your guilty pleasure?
Starbucks iced mochas on a sunny summer afternoon!

Is there something you are passionate about?
I’m passionate about music and camping.