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Greg Demmons


Greg Demmons, Senior Educational Administrator
Greg has been teaching English to international students, office workers, scientists, CEOs, and parents and children for over 14 years! He has developed unique and high-quality programs for students in South Korea, Japan, India and Canada. Greg has also written a unique book for employees at one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME), and helped start a program in a Japanese high school that eventually turned the school into a Super Global Leadership School, specialist in rapid English language learning. This program has also been adapted into some Japanese universities.
Also while living in South Korea, Greg taught daily classes at Oriental Breweries (OB), helping scientists, managers, and office-workers become industry leaders by being able to share their knowledge and ideas in English. Later, Greg was a professor at Gachon University of Medicine and Science, where he also developed programs for nurses, health administrators, dental hygienists, speech language pathologists and therapists to be prepared to work in English offices and perform their professional duties in the new language.
Greg believes that people learn new languages better when they enjoy the process of learning. This means that the role of the teacher is not “the Sage on the stage”, but rather “the Guide on the side.” Traditional styles of teaching make the teacher the “boss” of the classroom, as opposed to the person who is helping students in space. Greg has been active in introducing new methods of helping student to learn English much faster. By helping students to understand the language learning process, as well as integrating and helping students to develop 21st Century Skills by creating individual Learning Plans for students, Greg has watched students learn to become fluent in everyday English within 3-6 months, when students attend full-time programs.
You can find Greg hiding in his office from teachers and staff at Real English Victoria (REV) while brainstorming new ideas to help students. The secret is that he only opens the door for STUDENTS!
Greg’s favourite thing to read is poetry.
Greg’s favourite thing to do is write poetry down talk endlessly about why traditional schools are failing to help students…everything else is just filler!

Greg has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick and has studied Advanced TESOL at the University of Leicester, as well as Educational Leadership at Vancouver Island University. Greg has taken part in courses at Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and MIT in curriculum design, mathematical thinking, gamification, and language acquisition. He holds a CELPIP General instructor training certificate. Greg is is also a certified K-12 independent school teacher in BC.

Why do you love education?
Education is essentially curiosity. I love seeing curious people discover things for themselves.

Do you have a favourite teaching moment?
Every moment I am teaching is a special moment. I love being in a classroom!

What is your hidden talent?
Writing poetry.

What are you scared of?