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Do you want to improve your English but are overwhelmed with all the choices of language schools?

很多人在來加拿大前發現有無數的語言學校可以選擇,但是眼花撩亂之餘,是否不免覺得語言學校的課程千篇一律都是文法、寫作、聽力、對話。其實選擇語言學校最重要的依據非常簡單,就是學校的課程是否能幫助你達到所想要的語言目標。來過Real English Victoria (REV)的學生都能很有信心的告訴你,我們就是你要找的那間學校! REV能比其他學校夠有效率的幫助學生是因為我們獨一無二的”個人學習計畫書” (Individual Learning Plan),我們透過以下方式來幫助學生達成他們的語言學習目標:

Many students face the choice of language schools before they even set foot in Canada. There might be tons of options, but students probably can’t help but notice that most schools offer the cookie-cutter kind of programs in which students sit in boring grammar, reading and writing, listening, and conversation classes.