What do you think about how do we see real talk? Actually, We can experience Canadian community without language barriers.

Beyond language barriers through sports!

Public Recreation Centre

Are you seeking well-being in your life or do you want to have good-balanced body? Probably, sounds a little difficult because don't know well how to start it, and most people is not professional at exercise. However, you don’t worry about that. I have a amazing place to work out! Are you interested in this place? Follow me! It is time for journey :)

Public Recreation Centre

Crystal Pool & Witness

I'm going to tell you about Crystal Pool & Witness centre. This place is located at 2275 Quadra St, and it is very close to downtown so you don't need a long bus trip. Because of good accessibility and good environment to work out, this public place has been popular with a lot of people in Victoria for several years. Everyone can enjoy big, clear pool and various programs here.

The significant benefits of this place is that all programs here are flexible depending on days and time, so you are able to join drop-in classes whenever you want! In addition, when comparing to other places, Crystal Pool has their own the group training and various programs for family, school, and parents and children. It is possible to do length swimming Monday through Friday but also competition events sometime take place here!

If you need more information related to registration fee or drop-in schedule, click the link below. Crystal Pool in Victoria