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How does our program work better for you?

How does our program work better for you?

For many years, I have been trying to understand why it takes some people a few months to learn a new language, while others take years. I think that motivation is the most important thing in learning a new language.

Why are you learning English? Find a reason that is exciting to you. Do you have young children? Imagine if you could help them with their English homework! Do you like Hollywood movies, but you get tired reading subtitles? Do you want to travel and not take tours? More than 80% of the Internet is available in English. Japanese, Korea, Arabic, Chinese, and most other languages only make up less than 5% each! So if you are not reading in English, you are missing most of the Internet.

Find your motivation…or come to Real English Victoria and we can help you find what is interesting for you! When you find your motivation, then we can help you learn English in less than 6 months! YES…LESS THAN 6 MONTHS!!!

How can Real English Victoria do this? Why did the head of the Applied Linguistics Department of one of Canada’s top universities tell us that we are the school of the future?

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