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Frequently Asked Questions

For more info, please contact us.

Do you have a placement/level test?

We do not require you to take a placement test. You can join the classes that best suit your needs. If you need help deciding which classes to choose, please speak to one of our staff members for advice.

I’m a beginner student. Can I take Project-Based Learning (PBL)?

Yes, of course! PBL is a very effective way of learning for students at any level. We will help you choose suitable projects – don’t worry!

Can I make my own time-table?

Yes, you can choose any of our scheduled classes if there is a seat available. Check out our class calendar and choose the classes that best suit your needs and availability.

Can I take classes full-time (25 hours per week)?

Yes, you can! A full-time study schedule runs from 10:10am to 4:20pm, and it includes Citizenship English (10 hours per week), Power Speaking (10 hours per week), and Skill-Building classes (5 hours per week) which cover skills such as speaking, reading and writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Please check our Class Info page for more information.

Will I be in a class with students from other countries?

Our school is open to students from all over the world!

Should I bring my tablet or cell phone to class?

Yes, please bring your mobile device to class! One of our goals at REV is to use as little paper as possible, so we often use tablets and other technology in the classroom.

Do I need a study visa?

Unfortunately, Real English Victoria cannot offer student visa sponsorship at this time. Please check with your own government regarding visa requirements for entering Canada.

Check the following Government of Canada website for information about when a study permit is not needed:  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/publications/study.asp .

Do you need travel/medical insurance to attend REV?

You do not need travel or medical insurance to take classes at REV, but it is strongly advised.

Do you provide homestay arrangements and airport pick-up?

We do not currently offer airport pick-ups.

If you need a homestay, we can help you find a homestay through a Victoria homestay program.

Can I transfer my class hours to someone else?

Unfortunately, no. Class hours are non-transferable. You cannot give your class hours to another student.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. The refund policy depends on the program you are registered in. Click here for more information.