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Blog your way to better English

Did you know that writing a blog or recording video logs, can greatly increase the speed at which you improve your English? Letting other people see your mistakes and watch you fix them has a lot of benefits. I always encourage students to listen to and watch themselves speaking English. This will help you know what […]

Did you know…?

“How ya gittin’ on, b’ys?” Everywhere you go in the world people speak English just a little bit differently. Everyone knows that British folks sound different than those born in Canada and the United States. But did you know how differently English is spoken in various regions of Canada? Did you know that there are […]

How does our program work better for you?

How does our program work better for you?

For many years, I have been trying to understand why it takes some people a few months to learn a new language, while others take years. I think that motivation is the most important thing in learning a new language. Why are you learning English? Find a reason that is exciting to you. Do you […]

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