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Blog your way to better English

Did you know that writing a blog or recording video logs, can greatly increase the speed at which you improve your English? Letting other people see your mistakes and watch you fix them has a lot of benefits. I always encourage students to listen to and watch themselves speaking English. This will help you know what you sound like and what you look like when you are communicating with others in English.

One of the things that I have noticed is that Asian speakers tend to look away from me when we are speaking and they are trying to remember words, grammatical structures, or rules. This is a habit of memorization and you should try to stop doing this. When you are talking to someone, you need to be looking at their face and body movements to understand the mood or the feeling of the person(s) you are with. It also feels strange when you are talking with someone who is looking away from you!

When you are practicing, do not choose a textbook to read from. Choose a book that has lots of dialogue or written conversations between characters; do not use a book that teaches English! Try listening to some of the easy conversations here and use the transcripts to practice Real English by looking in a mirror while you record yourself and ask your teacher for help improving the way you speak!

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